Mission Statement

“To become India's largest multi-mode transportation and affiliate driven eco system supporting the Indian Governments drive towards a cashless & inclusive society”

KATCH is Revolutionising India’s public transport payment industry.

And it is India’s one of the leading Public transport Ticketing company. Today, more than 2 Million Cashless Tickets are done by bus operator & it is powered by KATCH.

With innovations to our AI based ticketing and card solution in pipeline, our mission is to bring 50 million daily public transport user into cashless payment system.

We are Growing in Every Way!

2018 Katch launched
2019 Katch wallet was launched
2020 Bus ticketing, Bus pass booking through mobile App
2021 Ticketing POS, ITMS system for bus operator
2022 500 Buses signed and completed 1 Million Tickets
2023 NFC based bus ticket, 1000 + Bus network and company reached profitability
2024 KATCH Business module, KATCH Payroll module, KATCH Taxi