Public transportation surveillance systems for peace of mind on every journey.

Enhance Your Bus Operations with Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring!

Real-Time Vehicle Surveillance

Real-time vehicle surveillance keeps tabs on vehicles using a combination of cameras, GPS, and software, providing constant monitoring.

Security surveillance camera

Security surveillance cameras specifically designed for transportation applications are crucial for maintaining safety and security within various transportation sectors.

Streamline operations.

Optimize transportation operations with video analytics – enhance logistics efficiency, reduce wait times, and elevate service quality.

Asset protection

Protect critical infrastructure and assets – leverage surveillance for monitoring and securing vital areas like school bus, city bus and vehicles.

Safer journeys for everyone enhanced by intelligent camera technology

Keep transportation running safely and efficiently

Passenger satisfaction

camera system designed to monitor and analyze passenger behavior and reactions to improve service quality and satisfaction.

Driver Protection

The camera can monitor the driver's behavior to ensure they are following safety protocols

Theft Prevention

If a theft does occur, footage can provide crucial evidence for identifying the culprit.

Enforcing Regulations

Surveillance cameras help to enforce regulations and bus rules.

Remote monitoring

Operators can access live or recorded footage remotely, using a computer or mobile device.


Investigating criminal activities becomes far easier with the help of video surveillance.

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