KATCH Platform Caters To The Needs Of Transportation Provider.

Transform your everyday and operational business activities with a robust digital platform, tailored to optimize financial processes.

Real-time insights

Get all the information you need on a user-friendly dashboard. Find out about services, operations, validations, estimated time of arrival at each stop, average speed of each service, and much more.

Ticketing & Sales Channels

Bus operators join forces with online booking platforms and travel agencies, offering passengers convenient online booking and expanding their reach.

Know your passengers

Improve the connection with passengers by utilizing the account-based ticketing system and instant messaging in real-time.

Simple and powerful interfaces.

Simple interfaces help your team feel better and work faster.

Collection and payment methods

Accept cash, digital, and contactless payments. Validation of tickets and travel cards via NFC or QR Codes.

Own your day! The Katch platform empowers you to manage core activities independently.

In-built ticketing software

Gain valuable insights into ticketing trends, agent performance, and customer satisfaction with comprehensive reports and dashboards with our inbuilt ticketing software

Customers and sales

Offer seamless booking, timely updates, comfortable travel, and efficient customer service to build customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.


Use data analytics to understand customer preferences and target marketing campaigns accordingly. Utilize social media, email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.


Explore options like monthly passes for commuters or frequent travelers and promote cashless travel for the customer

Route Optimization

Analyze popular routes and adjust schedules or pricing based on demand.

Seamless integration

Integrate your ticketing system with existing CRM, accounting, or other business applications for a unified data flow.

Enhance the user experience by improving the quality of your service.