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Our travel card is all-in-one solution for various travel and shopping related expenses. Users can load the card with funds and use it for transportation, accommodation, dining, and other travel-related expenses.


Multi City Acceptance

Our card will be usually accepted within a specific network or at designated locations, offering users a sense of security and reliability. It enable user to travel and use public transport in multiple city and also get amazing discounts .


Budget Management

Card can preload a specific amount onto the closed-loop travel card, helping them manage their budget effectively. This feature is particularly useful for those who want to control / Secure their spending during their travels.


Promotional Offers and Rewards

Our trave card come with promotional offers, exclusive deals, and rewards programs. Users can benefit from discounts on travel-related services / Store / restaurant and can earn points, or receive cashback on eligible purchases.


Real-Time Monitoring

Users can monitor their card balance, transactions, and account details in real-time through our website or mobile apps. This feature enhances financial visibility and control while on the go.


Ease of Reload

Our card can be loaded at bus terminal, from online platform, partner stores, or designated kiosks. This flexibility ensures that users can easily add funds to their card as needed.

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